Tesla Builds Free Solar-Powered Car Charging Stations

Tesla, a famous car maker has just built out solar-powered rapid electric car chargers at six locations. These locations are nearby California, but Tesla wants to install more next year.

Tesla’s “Supercharger” rapid car charging network will be free only for Model S owners. The Superchargers will be powered by solar technology, which is developed by SolarCity, a popular solar installer.


This idea has been discussed about a year in advance. Tesla’s purpose is to build out the charging infrastructure because it’s a huge barrier of electric cars field.

The Supercharger developed by Tesla represents the solution to three important problems: the ability to drive electric vehicles on long distances conveniently, the issue of cost electricity and the issues of electricity generated at a distant fossil fuel power plant.


In addition, Tesla plans to install even more stations that it had originally intended. In 2013, it wants to install more Supercharger stations even throughout Asia, Europe and the U.S. The result will be that within about two years, the U.S. will be covered in Superchargers, which is great.

Tesla uses a technology based on solar power, so building and installing the chargers won’t cost much. As there aren’t many drivers for Model S, this is the main reason why Tesla provides long distance charging free.


It’s also great that the Superchargers can charge the Model S with 100 kilowatts and provide three hours of driving at 60mph in half an hour. This project is one of the best proofs that solar energy starts to be more and more important each day and that people appreciate it.