Solar Powered Cars for Sale

China was one of the first countries to have a solar powered car for sale in 2008 and like so many other trends and new inventions, much of the world soon followed. But, solar powered cars are still not very prominent today. Although the technology is available, the major problem with mass manufacturing these cars is two-fold.

The first problem is that many manufacturers have not yet figured out a way to have a solar powered car hold a charge that could take them at normal speeds for an extended period of time. Another problem with having solar powered cars for sale on the market is that for many people, there are simply too many unknowns, and hesitation about how much the cars would cost, and how viable they actually are as a form of transportation.

The fact is that when China offered their first solar powered car for sale, it was offered at 38,000 yen, which is about $5,560. When you consider that cars that have fuel engines today are being offered at tens of thousands of dollars, you can see that solar powered cars will be offered for sale at a much cheaper rate than the majority of the cars that are on the road today.

Solar powered cars are also a very viable form of transportation. When fully charged, there’s usually enough power to let the car travel at speeds of 150 km/hr and only take half an hour to recharge. This was the case when China offered their solar powered car for sale and since that time, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to improve upon the charge, and at which speeds the cars can travel for.

While the idea of solar powered cars for sale may seem like an outrageous idea to many today, there was also a time when electric powered cars also seemed like something out of a science fiction movie. And there’s no doubt that in the near future, we’re only going to see more and more solar powered cars for sale. And who knows? Maybe one day they’ll even be the majority of the cars that are on the road!