Solar Cars History

Solar powered cars are more and more popular nowadays. Numerous people are interested in these types of vehicles, as they can be really economical, as well as Eco-friendly. Since the moment when the first solar powered cars were designed till today, these vehicles have become more and more advanced. However, one of the most curious facts about solar powered cars is that they were first built by universities and manufacturers.

The first functional and completely solar based car was released in 1955, in Chicago, Illinois. The car debuted at the General Motors Powerama auto show. The Sunmobile, as the car was named, was the first vehicle to use photovoltaics. It actually introduced these systems to the auto market. Photovoltaics are a must for the process through which sunlight is converted into energy. That energy is transformed into fuel for a solar powered car to function.


The Sunmobile included no less than 12 photoelectric cells made of selenium. Since the moment when this car was presented, competition on the solar cars market began. For years manufacturers have tried to produce advanced solar powered cars. For instance, Toyota Motor Corp. is working for quite some time now to produce a unique solar powered car. The company’s plan to launch a new car model was made public in 2009, but the vehicle is yet to be released. Specialists claim that it won’t be available for years.

Toyota is still trying to launch an ecological car and probably such a vehicle will be out in a couple of years. Until then, Toyota has updated the Prius, to become a solar hybrid car. Electrical vehicles are available at the company, too.