Opt For Solar Powered Cars To Go Green

Even though not many people are very aware of the existence of solar powered cars, they are a choice you can make and they have actually become very popular nowadays. Purchasing a solar powered car surely is a choice you will never regret and the most important thing about solar powered cars is that even if you are going to make at first an investment when purchasing them, you are then going to find that solar powered cars have incredible advantages on long term. The most obvious one is given by the fact that solar powered cars are Eco-friendly cars and if you think about buying such a vehicle for yourself, you can be quite sure that this is a decision with which you will manage to go green. Another advantage you are surely going to appreciate is the low costs that solar powered cars have when it comes to fuel expenses.

Solar powered cars have been available in sale for years, the first vehicle of this kind being launched in the 1970s. However, how you can probably already imagine, solar powered cars are going to use energy from the sun to be functional and for you to be able to use your car without any difficulties. In fact, the whole technology that solar powered cars use is simpler than you may first think. Such solar powered cars use photovoltaic cells which convert the energy gathered from the sun into electric energy. This means that the quantity of fuel used by your car when you drive around the city is going to be very much reduced and so will your costs. We all know that electric cars are Eco-friendly vehicles and so you will have the satisfaction that no matter where you drive to, you will not increase the pollution level and you will not negatively affect the Earth.

Solar powered cars are not difficult to use and they actually are very affordable as in order to transform your vehicle into a solar powered car you are only going to need those photovoltaic cells that can be found in sale at some very low costs. Solar energy can be easily valued when you know how you can take all the advantages it has and owning a solar powered car is a great way to achieve that purpose.

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle is easy to do

Solar powered cars are of great help regarding the protection of our planet, but also the protection of our budget. Solar powered cars use photovoltaic cells made from a resistant material, easy to install and ready to take care of your budget. Due to this photovoltaic cells, the sun rays are transformed in electricity. This type of electricity is used for making the car engine start and secondly, another part of energy is stored in a battery which will make the car able to function in the dark, on cloudy days. Solar powered cars have evolved so much that at present they are made from many materials, are easy to use and very practical for your budget.

Solar powered cars protect the environment and even though many years ago they seemed something taken from science fiction movies, today they have gained a great recogniztion and importance. Solar powered cars are something that can de done by your own. Build Your Own Electric Vehicle is a great book for those ambitious people and for those who dream to become scientists or engineers or simply by those who love to build and to invent. Build Your Own Electric Vehicle book explains that building your own electric car is something simple and cheap to do. You can use an electric kit or an internal combustion engine chassis. The book it also explains how this type of technology has evolved throughout time. Then are explained all the features and elements that build an electric car such as motor, chassis and many more

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle book gives detailed instructions about assembling an electric car and what this means, what are its advantages. Furthermore, there are detils about where to find all teh componnets you need for building an electric car. The electric cars are the future technology, keeping safe our planet by being eco-friendly. Living a green life us easy for all of us and it is time to teach our kids about this new methods that scientists discovered and that are very useful for all of us.

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Solar Powered Car Progress In 2011

It wasn’t that long ago when a solar powered car seemed like something that could only be found in a science fiction movie. However, thanks to continued progress in this area, more and more developments are being accomplished that increase the practicality of this type of environmentally friendly vehicle. Although the year isn’t even halfway over, 2011 has already been a productive year for solar powered cars.

As people who keep up with solar powered car news may argue now, Purdue has a strong reputation for innovating in this field. While they have already accomplished a lot, they haven’t let that slow them down. Their latest pursuit has been to build a solar powered prototype that looks attractive enough that a large percentage of consumers would be interested in owning it. Although there will always be people who are willing to drive this kind of car regardless of how it looks, having one with a very appealing design means that it will be easier to persuade more people to switch to this kind of vehicle.

While it’s very impressive that college students are doing so much in the field of solar powered cars, there are actually even younger students tackling this type of challenge. Recently, a high school student designed a car that runs off of solar power. And this type of progress isn’t limited to the United States. In Iran, the country’s third solar powered car was recently unveiled. It’s also exciting to see solar technology being used in ways that are related to cars. For example, a car wash recently opened that is actually powered by solar energy.

Do solar powered cars have an effect on the environment?

This question can be answered in one of two ways depending on how you look at it so I will attempt to answer these questions on both fronts. Naturally the answer to both is yes, solar powered cars do have an impact on the earths environment. In the good sense the solar paneled car runs off the power generated by our extremely useful sun and therefore requires little to no energy to run after the initial build. This saves on fuel, the making of fuels which is not so environmentally friendly and also saves carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere making the ozone layer hole even bigger.

On the other hand when the solar powered cars are being built they are often made out of plastics which are not great for our environment. The plastics take many years if not hundreds of years to break down and are usually not a recyclable plastic type. Oils are used in the making of plastics and these oils are taken from the earth at a great cost to the overall environment. The plastics are used because they are lighter than most metals and therefor the cars will travel further and faster using the energy source they have.

Rubber and other metals are also used and even though these are better than the plastic they are still products of industry which are all harmful to the environment since they are produced in factories. So to answer the question you could say that the solar powered cars are good for the environment in the long run however their building techniques could be refined.

Do Solar Powered Cars Have an Effect on Earth?

Solar powered cars are becoming a thing of today. With the increasing need to save our planet against global warming, more and more people are using solar energy to power their houses. There are solar powered cell phone covers (for the iPhone that I know of) as well as flashlights and many other necessary things. Some people, as well as major car manufacturers, have created or are working on the creation of solar powered vehicles.

Solar powered cars do not run on the standard gas and diesel rather an alternative fuel that is safe for our environment. The rays from the sun would power these cars. Since the sun’s rays power it, there is an unlimited supply of “fuel” for the vehicle.

These solar powered cars are not yet available on the market but they will be sometime in the near future. There are options for solar panels to be placed on the roof of a vehicle so that it can get direct sunlight and there are even options for solar panels to charge electric vehicles.

Solar powered cars are a huge advantage to anyone and simply could not harm the Earth – or at least I don’t see how they could. They are safe for the environment in every way that I can see possible. When car manufacturers get past their prototypes and researchers figure out a way to get a solar powered car on the market and on the road, I will buy one. Hopefully, these cars will be affordable for everyone.

Solar Powered Cars for Sale

China was one of the first countries to have a solar powered car for sale in 2008 and like so many other trends and new inventions, much of the world soon followed. But, solar powered cars are still not very prominent today. Although the technology is available, the major problem with mass manufacturing these cars is two-fold.

The first problem is that many manufacturers have not yet figured out a way to have a solar powered car hold a charge that could take them at normal speeds for an extended period of time. Another problem with having solar powered cars for sale on the market is that for many people, there are simply too many unknowns, and hesitation about how much the cars would cost, and how viable they actually are as a form of transportation.

The fact is that when China offered their first solar powered car for sale, it was offered at 38,000 yen, which is about $5,560. When you consider that cars that have fuel engines today are being offered at tens of thousands of dollars, you can see that solar powered cars will be offered for sale at a much cheaper rate than the majority of the cars that are on the road today.

Solar powered cars are also a very viable form of transportation. When fully charged, there’s usually enough power to let the car travel at speeds of 150 km/hr and only take half an hour to recharge. This was the case when China offered their solar powered car for sale and since that time, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to improve upon the charge, and at which speeds the cars can travel for.

While the idea of solar powered cars for sale may seem like an outrageous idea to many today, there was also a time when electric powered cars also seemed like something out of a science fiction movie. And there’s no doubt that in the near future, we’re only going to see more and more solar powered cars for sale. And who knows? Maybe one day they’ll even be the majority of the cars that are on the road!

Solar Powered Cars – Information

The first solar cars made their appearance in the late 1970’s. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the first completely powered solar car was developed in 1984 by Greg Johanson and Joel Davidson.

Since then, the public has had an on again/off again love affair with solar powered cars. The idea of using the sun’s energy as fuel is inherently appealing. However many people have also raised valid questions about the usefulness of the solar powered car as a reliable means of transportation.

Solar cars use photovoltaic cells (PVCs) to convert the sun’s rays into electricity. In newer designs, the electricity is used in two ways. First, it powers the motor so that the car will move. Second, some of the electricity is stored in a battery so that the car will be able to function on cloudy days, at night, and in dark spaces like parking garages.

Photovoltaic cells cost anywhere from $10 to $400 per cell. The more expensive the cells, the more efficient they are at gathering and converting the sun’s energy. This means that constructing a solar powered car may be way beyond your budget.

And even if you do come up with the money, you won’t get a luxury transport. Solar powered cars are made with very lightweight frames and can generally only accommodate one person, the driver. If you are in an accident, the frame will serve as poor protection. Additionally, solar powered cars can get very warm on the inside and can be uncomfortable to operate.

None of this means, however, that solar powered cars should be written off altogether. Rather, it means that while purely solar powered cars aren’t necessarily practical, solar energy can be a valuable force in supplementing other forms of power.

Solar Powered Cars – Pros and Cons

Imagine being completely environmentally-friendly and significantly reducing your carbon footprint by driving a solar powered car! The benefits seem obvious. You wouldn’t have to pay for gas, you could reduce the pollution being emitted into the environment, and you’d be staying on top of one of the most modern trends there is! But, while solar powered cars have already been made and used, the idea that we’ll all soon be driving one is still quite a ways off.

One of the first problems faced when dealing with solar powered cars is that they need to be extremely lightweight in order to be able to move. Because of this, usually only one person can ride in them at a time because the car cannot power the extra weight of a whole other person.

Another disadvantage to solar powered cars is that currently there is no way to power them other than the solar paneling on the car. Because of this, the car must rely on it having access to the sun in order for it to be powered. This means that those who use parking garages or covers of any kind will not be able to use their solar powered car. And not to mention that if it’s a cloudy day, you can pretty much cancel your plans.

But while solar powered cars aren’t necessarily an entirely feasible idea yet, they have come a long way. Not only has the research and development of solar powered cars allowed for great strides to be made in other areas of solar powering, but researchers are also coming up with ways for cars to be partially solar powered.

The idea that solar powered cars can be connected to gas lines and batteries is one such advancement. And while these alternatives too, have a long way to go, they are still great advancements that are paving the way for even further development. And who knows where the road of solar powered cars will go? A few years ago even the idea of partially solar powered cars seemed farfetched!

Solar Powered Cars Outdated Before They Become Useful?

When people think about going green they often think about the impact their vehicles have on the environment and how to help combat that impact. Many people have opted for electric hybrid vehicles that are run off of batteries that are charged by the fuel powered motor of the car, and more recently by the braking system. However, there are still a great number of people that are set on owning a solar powered car.

Having a solar powered car sounds like a great idea when you’re thinking in terms of renewable resources and how to reduce your carbon footprint. Unfortunately, the technology of compacting solar panels into easy to use forms with high outputs of energy has been slow to come to fruition. This has caused many leading engineers to believe that the solar powered cars, and most other forms of electric cars for that matter, are soon going to be a thing of the past, despite their lack of a present.

The reason engineers are thinking this is because in the last decade, while solar technology has made leaps and bounds, hydrogen as a fuel has gone to the moon and back. This is because the technology to use hydrogen as a fuel to power and recharge the batteries in electric vehicles has been around for some time longer. The main issue that hydrogen researchers were dealing with, was finding a way to safely and efficiently compact the technology and put it into a vehicle.

Recently, hydrogen fuels researchers have found a way to safely, and somewhat economically, integrate the technology into vehicles. This has led other alternative fuel researchers to either race to the finish with a viable consumer product, or they have using their resources for other projects.

Solar Powered Cars: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

No doubt about it, leaning towards solar powered cars will be beneficial for every home as well as the planet. As you scan this article, you’ll come across a cut and dry list of both the rewards and the disadvantages. From day one, you save a ton money by using a solar powered car. Once you’ve recouped your initial investment, you won’t have to spend a dime on gas or fuel for your car. Solar energy comes directly from the sun, which is free energy.

The government is also practically giving away money to those who reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, there’s no risk of solar energy of running out. This means there power struggle between supply and demand. Here’s a big advantage, solar energy is clean and will not pollute the air. Your solar powered car can operate completely independent of a connection to a power or gas grill. It’s virtually maintenance free.

Disadvantages of owning a solar powered car is the amount of cash you have to plunk down to get started. Construction costs are no joke and are passed down to the consumer. How efficient your car will be depends on the amount of sun you get. Solar energy is greatly influenced by clouds and air pollution. Plus, when night falls, there will be no solar energy to run your car, so you’ll have to rely on a battery backup system or net metering to solve this issue. Ultimately, you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons to figure out which is best for you.