Facts On Solar Powered Cars

Solar powered cars are great vehicles that really anyone can purchase. These are actually believed to be the cars of the future, solar powered cars impressing with their numerous benefits. Since there are many great benefits to buying a solar powered car, there is no wonder after all that the popularity of these vehicles has increased so much. If buying a solar powered car is something you are considering, as well, you are making a great choice.

Here you can read some interesting facts on solar cars, which may determine you make up your mind about buying such a vehicle much sooner.


  • Solar cars have impressive speed and distance records;
  • Toyota Prius is one of the most appreciated solar powered car models at the moment. This vehicle features a solar roof that powers the car’s heating and cooling system.
  • Solar powered cars have higher limits of endurance than what people commonly believe.
  • Venturi Electric is the company who shocked the world in 2006 when this firm presented the first car powered by both solar and wind power. This vehicle is capable of traveling more than 30 miles per hour.
  • The fastest solar car in the world is believed to be the Holland Nuna 2. One of the most curious things about this vehicle is that it actually has been built by some Dutch students.
  • The longest distance that has been traveled by a solar car in a day is 300 miles, over hilly terrain.
  • Solar cars are not as new as people commonly think.
  • The concept of solar cars first appeared in the 1970s. The first completely powered solar car was developed in 1984.
  • Solar powered cars are believed to be the cars of the future, as they use solar energy, which is a renewable, free of costs source of energy that anyone can access and use.
  • Solar cars are environmentally friendly vehicles. This means that no matter how much you use these cars, you will never have to worry about the effects it will have on the environment.
  • Solar powered cars will only be able to function in the presence of sunlight. They charge themselves as you drive.


Solar powered cars are great vehicles that anyone should consider. Even though nowadays there are still few models you will be able to choose from, in time this field will surely know an amazing development. As technology advances, more manufacturers will release solar powered cars which will become more easily accessible to all of us.