Caribbean Welcomes It’s First Solar Powered Car

For the first time ever, someone in the Caribbean owns a solar powered car. The lucky man who can say he is the first person to own a solar powered car in the Caribbean is AlanRoffey. Alan lives in the Cayman Islands, and bought the car from Cayman Automotive. The car that he purchased is a Zenn , which stands for Zero Emission, No Noise. The car can reach a maximum of thirty-five miles an hour, and is an electric car that is powered by a solar energy charger (if needed, the car can also be plugged into a standard household electric socket). The car also has great air conditioning, so Alan and future owners of this vehicle will be able to drive around the island in complete comfort.

The ironic thing about Roffey’s purchase is that although he is very excited to own a solar powered car, he actually isn’t going to be able to drive it on any public roads until a new Traffic Law is enacted in the Cayman Islands. However, this is currently being worked on, so it shouldn’t take too long for theZenn to be able to legally drive around the streets.

The great thing about Alan making this purchase is that he received a significant discount from Cayman Automotive. The discount was an incentive to attract buyers for these vehicles. Cayman Automotive was selling five, and now that Alan has bought one, there are only four left (and since Alan broke the ice, it shouldn’t take too long for these other four to be sold).

The 2010 Toyota Prius to Feature a Solar Powered Moonroof

Although many people believe that solar powered cars are the trend of the future, they have proven to be a bit of a challenge to get out in mass production. While there has been a lot of progress in the area of solar powered cars over the last two decades, it is probably safe to say that it is still going to be quite some time before any car company begins mass producing cars that are one hundred percent solar powered. However, that doesn’t mean that car companies are not beginning to integrate solar power into the new models of the cars they produce.

A great example of a company integrating solar power into one of their vehicles is Toyota. When they release their 2010 Prius, one of the features it will have is a solar powered moonroof. This moonroof is a sliding glass panel, and the solar panels associated with it are located over the rear seating area.

The purpose of the solar powered moonroof is to help keep the interior of the car cool in situations where it reaches 86 degrees or more. When this happens, not only does the moonroof open, but the air circulation fan kicks on (which is also powered by solar energy).

In addition to using solar power, the 2010 Toyota Prius will also be a hybrid vehicle, which means that it can save you a significant amount of gas money. It is estimated that the car will get fifty-one miles per gallon, and individuals who are current owners of previous Prius models have reported that they have been able to get up to seventy miles per gallon by employing good driving habits.