Solar Cars History

Solar powered cars are more and more popular nowadays. Numerous people are interested in these types of vehicles, as they can be really economical, as well as Eco-friendly. Since the moment when the first solar powered cars were designed till today, these vehicles have become more and more advanced. However, one of the most curious facts about solar powered cars is that they were first built by universities and manufacturers.

The first functional and completely solar based car was released in 1955, in Chicago, Illinois. The car debuted at the General Motors Powerama auto show. The Sunmobile, as the car was named, was the first vehicle to use photovoltaics. It actually introduced these systems to the auto market. Photovoltaics are a must for the process through which sunlight is converted into energy. That energy is transformed into fuel for a solar powered car to function.


The Sunmobile included no less than 12 photoelectric cells made of selenium. Since the moment when this car was presented, competition on the solar cars market began. For years manufacturers have tried to produce advanced solar powered cars. For instance, Toyota Motor Corp. is working for quite some time now to produce a unique solar powered car. The company’s plan to launch a new car model was made public in 2009, but the vehicle is yet to be released. Specialists claim that it won’t be available for years.

Toyota is still trying to launch an ecological car and probably such a vehicle will be out in a couple of years. Until then, Toyota has updated the Prius, to become a solar hybrid car. Electrical vehicles are available at the company, too.

Awesome Solar Powered Cars

Looking to purchase a solar powered car? You have surely made the right decision. There are numerous great cars you will find in sale, vehicles that will offer you the guarantee that you can drive around as much as you desire, with no environmental concerns. Besides the models that have already been released, there are many solar powered cars concepts in development. Some of the most impressive such vehicles are listed below.

1. Koenigsegg Quant

Solar powered cars

This is a solar powered car that will definitely impress. The four-seat vehicle actually is a sports car. Its development was announced in 2009, at the Geneva Motor Show. According to the manufacturers of this car, the vehicle will fully recharge in just 20 minutes, having a 300 mile range. It surely looks spectacular!

2. Italdesign Giugiaro Quaranta

Solar powered cars

This is one of the most dynamic solar powered cars models ever produced. An impressive fact about this vehicle is that its batteries are powered completely by solar energy. Toyota brought an important contribution to the development of this car, so there is no wonder that the expectations are great.

3. Antro Solo

Antro Solo is truly spectacular. The concept of this vehicle is Hungarian. The car uses a combination of solar and gas-electric power. There is no way you will not love this car, as its design is at least outstanding.

4. Mindset Six50

Solar powered cars

This car can go 100 km on a single battery charge. Despite its stylish design, this car is expected to be quite affordable. There is no wonder that manufactures believe it will be a great success.

5. Lotus Eco Elise

Solar powered cars

The concept for the Lotus Eco Elise was announced in 2008, at the British Motor Show. The Eco-friendly sports car is beautiful, featuring energy saving technology.

Many other concepts of solar powered cars have been released until today. Which of these vehicles will turn out being more efficient is something only time, as well as future owners, will tell.

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Facts On Solar Powered Cars

Solar powered cars are great vehicles that really anyone can purchase. These are actually believed to be the cars of the future, solar powered cars impressing with their numerous benefits. Since there are many great benefits to buying a solar powered car, there is no wonder after all that the popularity of these vehicles has increased so much. If buying a solar powered car is something you are considering, as well, you are making a great choice.

Here you can read some interesting facts on solar cars, which may determine you make up your mind about buying such a vehicle much sooner.


  • Solar cars have impressive speed and distance records;
  • Toyota Prius is one of the most appreciated solar powered car models at the moment. This vehicle features a solar roof that powers the car’s heating and cooling system.
  • Solar powered cars have higher limits of endurance than what people commonly believe.
  • Venturi Electric is the company who shocked the world in 2006 when this firm presented the first car powered by both solar and wind power. This vehicle is capable of traveling more than 30 miles per hour.
  • The fastest solar car in the world is believed to be the Holland Nuna 2. One of the most curious things about this vehicle is that it actually has been built by some Dutch students.
  • The longest distance that has been traveled by a solar car in a day is 300 miles, over hilly terrain.
  • Solar cars are not as new as people commonly think.
  • The concept of solar cars first appeared in the 1970s. The first completely powered solar car was developed in 1984.
  • Solar powered cars are believed to be the cars of the future, as they use solar energy, which is a renewable, free of costs source of energy that anyone can access and use.
  • Solar cars are environmentally friendly vehicles. This means that no matter how much you use these cars, you will never have to worry about the effects it will have on the environment.
  • Solar powered cars will only be able to function in the presence of sunlight. They charge themselves as you drive.


Solar powered cars are great vehicles that anyone should consider. Even though nowadays there are still few models you will be able to choose from, in time this field will surely know an amazing development. As technology advances, more manufacturers will release solar powered cars which will become more easily accessible to all of us.

Improving Solar Powered Cars

Solar powered cars are considered to be the vehicles of the future and there is no shock in that. These cars are amazing vehicles that everyone should use. When you drive a solar powered car you are actually driving a vehicle powered by energy produced by the sun. Even though the industry of solar powered cars manufacturing is still limited, we can surely say that these cars represent an important opportunity to completely change the vehicle manufacturing industry. Still, various improvements have been brought to the most recent models of solar powered cars. Below you can find a list of the main ways in which improvements can be added to these types of vehicles.


1. Increasing the mileage is the first aspect to be mentioned. Some of the first models of solar-powered cars had the major disadvantage of not being able to go that far without a recharge. However, in time things changed a little. A solar powered car model released in 2007 has actually been able to reach a top speed of 43 miles per hour. How to improve battery life and engine power? Well, according to specialists the key to that actually lies in advancements in solar technology.

2. This leads to the second way in which solar powered cars can be improved. Refining photovoltaic panels used to power these vehicles could be a great idea. The panels that are used today by most solar powered cars can easily be described as inefficient.

3. Increasing battery range may also be helpful. The better the range of the solar battery cells, the more efficient each charge will be. This means that the vehicle will be more functional, cheaper and trustworthy.


So, solar powered cars are considered to be some of the most amazing vehicles ever released. They can help saving a lot of money and energy, as they use power from the sun. However, it has been argued that solar powered cars are not reliable due to the fact that a driver can run out of power too quickly. If great improvements would be brought to this particular area, the benefits would really be amazing.

Tips To Convert Your Toy Car Into A Solar Powered Car

Learning more about solar conversion is fun and educational, being an opportunity to have fun and develop imagination when it’s used to change an old toy car. How can you make your toy car a solar powered car?


The first thing you have to do is calculate the operating voltage and current drawn by your toy car. You also have to know that two fersh alkaline AA batteries in series, provide a total of 3V and a current of 700 mA.


The next thing is to select a solar panel with a voltage and current rating appropriate your car’s needs. In case the solar panel doesn’t produce enough current as your original batteries, the car may run, but at a lower speed.


See where the battery panel of the car is. Open it and test your solar panel and attach the positive, or red, lead of of the panel to the positive connector of the battery holder. Do the same thing to the negative, or black, lead to the negative connector. If your toy doesn’t run, it means that there is not enough current.


Use tape or hot glue and mount the solar panel on the roof of the toy car. Run the leads down to the battery holder and then solder or tape them to the contacts. In case the leads are not enough, you can splice them with wire and insulate the joints with electrical tape.

If still, your car doesn’t run, you should adjust the angle of the pane. Or, you should go outside in bright sunshine to increase the amount of light.

The Smallest Solar Car In The World

Solar powered cars developed amazingly in the last twenty years. For now, the practical and economic aspects are still a problem, in the future these problems are likely to be solved.


Solar powered cars can run properly only when the sun shines. This is possible as electricity is stored in the batteries when the sun shines. This type of power can be used even when it’s cloudy.

A realistic way to charge solar powered cars is to charge them during the day. It took many efforts, numerous experiemnts and technology to conceive solar powered cars, but the concept is not new.

There are specialists who claim that a solar car isn’t practical and will never be. Biofuels are also a problem as it hasn’t been proved how they can improve the quality of life.


Until all these problems will be solved, if they’ll ever be solved, people can have their own solar car for few dollars. It’s not a normal solar car, but it’s so pretty and nice to have.


It’s about the world’s smallest solar powered car! You can order it from the Internet and will be shipped at your home. This small solar car is so cool and you must have it. It can also be a great and unique gift, mainly for someone who loves cars.

Watch this video and find out more about it. You’ll definitely love it!

Enjoy All Benefits Of Solar Powered Cars With GreenEcoClub

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Solar Car Charger Installed In Sofia

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is the first city in the European Union to install a solar power charger for electric cars. This is a great example that Sofia sets for the entire European Union when it comes to the fight against greenhouse gas emissions.

The manager of this project declared on Wednesday that this is one of the most important ways in which a country can go green. “Electricity production can be polluting so we thought we would built this photovoltaic station and charge electric cars with green energy from the sun,” Rosen Malchev, engineer of the project said according to the New York Daily News.


The example set by Sofia is expected to be followed by other European cities, too. Hopefully, this will happen in the near future. The European Commission has already cited earlier this month the innovation, considering it one of the most successful breakthroughs in Europe’s fight against climate change.

If other European cities will follow Sofia’s example or not is something we will probably see in the near future. However, it is important to know that the investment made by the project managers was quite impressive. This small installation cost no less than 25,600 euros. Still, half of the project was founded by the United Nations Development Programme.


The investment may have been great, but so are the benefits. Actually, even though the solar car charger can only charge one vehicle at a time, it produces free and non-polluting energy. This means that clients will not have to pay for it, as this energy is a gift from the sun, Rosen Malchev explained.

“The photovoltaic equipment feeds from the light and not the heat and is even more efficient in winter time, when there is no need for cooling it down,” Malchev said.


This is just one of the projects conducted by Malchev’s Green Energy, which hopes to help countries reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. The project promotes research and exchange of solutions that may lead to the increase in use of environmentally-friendly means of transportation.

The production and use of electric cars and the network of charging stations is still limited all around the world, including in Bulgaria. Currently, figures indicate that there are about 450 electric and hybrid cars registered in Bulgaria. Hopefully, their numbers will start growing in the following months.

Tesla Builds Free Solar-Powered Car Charging Stations

Tesla, a famous car maker has just built out solar-powered rapid electric car chargers at six locations. These locations are nearby California, but Tesla wants to install more next year.

Tesla’s “Supercharger” rapid car charging network will be free only for Model S owners. The Superchargers will be powered by solar technology, which is developed by SolarCity, a popular solar installer.


This idea has been discussed about a year in advance. Tesla’s purpose is to build out the charging infrastructure because it’s a huge barrier of electric cars field.

The Supercharger developed by Tesla represents the solution to three important problems: the ability to drive electric vehicles on long distances conveniently, the issue of cost electricity and the issues of electricity generated at a distant fossil fuel power plant.


In addition, Tesla plans to install even more stations that it had originally intended. In 2013, it wants to install more Supercharger stations even throughout Asia, Europe and the U.S. The result will be that within about two years, the U.S. will be covered in Superchargers, which is great.

Tesla uses a technology based on solar power, so building and installing the chargers won’t cost much. As there aren’t many drivers for Model S, this is the main reason why Tesla provides long distance charging free.


It’s also great that the Superchargers can charge the Model S with 100 kilowatts and provide three hours of driving at 60mph in half an hour. This project is one of the best proofs that solar energy starts to be more and more important each day and that people appreciate it.

Amazing Green Car Concepts

Everywhere we look, people are trying to go green. Regardless of the domain, big companies have a hard time figuring out how to make their products as green as possible. Solar energy is one of the most impressive and easily available sources of green energy that has the potential to power everything from the PMPs we carry to the cars we drive. Toyota has already started to explore the potential of solar energy by announcing that it will use solar panels in its next-generation Prius hybrid car.

Here is the top 5 of most promising projects of solar powered cars.

5. Seat Birsa


Brisa is the Spanish word for breeze and this concept-car feels and looks like a breeze. Taking a cue from a small sailing boat that is dependent on natural elements for its mobility. Seat Brista is also supported to sail over land but by the power of the sun. Nano-photovoltaic cells within the translucent elastomere shell translate power to a rear-wheel mounted motor. Designer Miguel Angel Iranzo Sanchez has also cut it down to three wheels.

4. Volvo Dakar Rally


The future of desert rallies will change with this new concept car. Volvo may not produce this car in the near future, but it is something to consider. This is nothing beyond a concept impression of an artist with flowing eco-juices and it depicts a future rough race that is powered by the Sun.

3. Shoo


Cars are no longer limited by anything. Imagination is the key concept in designing the car of the future. The car is designed in a stable triangle shape to give it plenty of design and a lot of space. It has a solar roof enabling energy of the sun to be captured and transformed to run its electrical engine. It is completely eco-friendly, with zero-emission.

2. Mercedes Formula Zero


Mercedes Benz Advanced Design of North America has unveiled a solar powered concept car dubbed the Formula Zero. The Formula Zero aims to combine the thrill of Formula One and the efficiency of yacht racing, without compromising on the environment.

1. Town Car


The Town Car is designed by Serge Totsky and it is a 5 door s-segment vehicle that has been designed for the modern eco youth. This five seater is powered by nano-photovoltaic cells and integrates all the modern green technologies that are currently available.

These are amazing concepts that might have a chance to come true. As fuel is becoming scarce, these are great alternatives to a greener future.