Caribbean Welcomes It’s First Solar Powered Car

For the first time ever, someone in the Caribbean owns a solar powered car. The lucky man who can say he is the first person to own a solar powered car in the Caribbean is AlanRoffey. Alan lives in the Cayman Islands, and bought the car from Cayman Automotive. The car that he purchased is a Zenn , which stands for Zero Emission, No Noise. The car can reach a maximum of thirty-five miles an hour, and is an electric car that is powered by a solar energy charger (if needed, the car can also be plugged into a standard household electric socket). The car also has great air conditioning, so Alan and future owners of this vehicle will be able to drive around the island in complete comfort.

The ironic thing about Roffey’s purchase is that although he is very excited to own a solar powered car, he actually isn’t going to be able to drive it on any public roads until a new Traffic Law is enacted in the Cayman Islands. However, this is currently being worked on, so it shouldn’t take too long for theZenn to be able to legally drive around the streets.

The great thing about Alan making this purchase is that he received a significant discount from Cayman Automotive. The discount was an incentive to attract buyers for these vehicles. Cayman Automotive was selling five, and now that Alan has bought one, there are only four left (and since Alan broke the ice, it shouldn’t take too long for these other four to be sold).