Awesome Solar Powered Cars

Looking to purchase a solar powered car? You have surely made the right decision. There are numerous great cars you will find in sale, vehicles that will offer you the guarantee that you can drive around as much as you desire, with no environmental concerns. Besides the models that have already been released, there are many solar powered cars concepts in development. Some of the most impressive such vehicles are listed below.

1. Koenigsegg Quant

Solar powered cars

This is a solar powered car that will definitely impress. The four-seat vehicle actually is a sports car. Its development was announced in 2009, at the Geneva Motor Show. According to the manufacturers of this car, the vehicle will fully recharge in just 20 minutes, having a 300 mile range. It surely looks spectacular!

2. Italdesign Giugiaro Quaranta

Solar powered cars

This is one of the most dynamic solar powered cars models ever produced. An impressive fact about this vehicle is that its batteries are powered completely by solar energy. Toyota brought an important contribution to the development of this car, so there is no wonder that the expectations are great.

3. Antro Solo

Antro Solo is truly spectacular. The concept of this vehicle is Hungarian. The car uses a combination of solar and gas-electric power. There is no way you will not love this car, as its design is at least outstanding.

4. Mindset Six50

Solar powered cars

This car can go 100 km on a single battery charge. Despite its stylish design, this car is expected to be quite affordable. There is no wonder that manufactures believe it will be a great success.

5. Lotus Eco Elise

Solar powered cars

The concept for the Lotus Eco Elise was announced in 2008, at the British Motor Show. The Eco-friendly sports car is beautiful, featuring energy saving technology.

Many other concepts of solar powered cars have been released until today. Which of these vehicles will turn out being more efficient is something only time, as well as future owners, will tell.

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