Amazing Green Car Concepts

Everywhere we look, people are trying to go green. Regardless of the domain, big companies have a hard time figuring out how to make their products as green as possible. Solar energy is one of the most impressive and easily available sources of green energy that has the potential to power everything from the PMPs we carry to the cars we drive. Toyota has already started to explore the potential of solar energy by announcing that it will use solar panels in its next-generation Prius hybrid car.

Here is the top 5 of most promising projects of solar powered cars.

5. Seat Birsa


Brisa is the Spanish word for breeze and this concept-car feels and looks like a breeze. Taking a cue from a small sailing boat that is dependent on natural elements for its mobility. Seat Brista is also supported to sail over land but by the power of the sun. Nano-photovoltaic cells within the translucent elastomere shell translate power to a rear-wheel mounted motor. Designer Miguel Angel Iranzo Sanchez has also cut it down to three wheels.

4. Volvo Dakar Rally


The future of desert rallies will change with this new concept car. Volvo may not produce this car in the near future, but it is something to consider. This is nothing beyond a concept impression of an artist with flowing eco-juices and it depicts a future rough race that is powered by the Sun.

3. Shoo


Cars are no longer limited by anything. Imagination is the key concept in designing the car of the future. The car is designed in a stable triangle shape to give it plenty of design and a lot of space. It has a solar roof enabling energy of the sun to be captured and transformed to run its electrical engine. It is completely eco-friendly, with zero-emission.

2. Mercedes Formula Zero


Mercedes Benz Advanced Design of North America has unveiled a solar powered concept car dubbed the Formula Zero. The Formula Zero aims to combine the thrill of Formula One and the efficiency of yacht racing, without compromising on the environment.

1. Town Car


The Town Car is designed by Serge Totsky and it is a 5 door s-segment vehicle that has been designed for the modern eco youth. This five seater is powered by nano-photovoltaic cells and integrates all the modern green technologies that are currently available.

These are amazing concepts that might have a chance to come true. As fuel is becoming scarce, these are great alternatives to a greener future.