Advantages and Drawbacks of Solar Powered Cars

Everyone is talking about going green in today’s world. There are so many domains where alternative energy is used, that even the car industry has decided to take on this type of energy and transfer it into the car. Solar powered cars might look like something drawn out of a science fiction movie, but more and more car companies have decided to take on this challenge.

Solar powered cars, as their name says it, combine technology typically used in the aerospace, bicycle, alternative energy and automotive industries. The design of solar powered cars is severely limited by the amount of energy input into the car. Most of the solar powered cars that exist today are rather used for racing than for public transportation. In the future, when alternative energy sources will completely replace the traditional ones, people will be able to drive solar powered cars on the roads as well.

Solar powered cars are often fitted with gauges as seen in conventional cars. In order to keep the car running as smoothly as possible, the driver must keep an eye on these gauges to spot possible problems. Most of the solar powered cars have a system of photovoltaic cells that convert the sunlight into electricity. Unlike photovoltaic solar panels that are used in thermal energy, which are used to convert solar energy to heat or to produce electricity, the photovoltaic cells that compose the solar powered cars are directly converted into electricity.

Maybe after most of the general public can afford hybrids, the solar powered cars will be more practically developed and less expensive. Improvements are constantly being made to solar energy systems every year. Shortly, the solar powered cars will be designed for the public to drive on the highways. Overall, solar powered cars have got many advantages. For instance, the solar panels work silently, so they do not add noise pollution to the road. The most important thing is that energy is free and you do not depend on foreign oil. Probably, the only drawback to the solar powered cars is the car not working during the night or cloudy days.